Customer Pics

Awl Made Here has AWESOME customers. Here are photos that they've been sending in:

 John Cochran with his custom Guitar Strap: "We played a big crowd at American Fish today"


 Lori: "Tracey is a leather artist. When she posted pics of her aprons made with recycled jeans and cool fabrics i thought it could be useful at work for my hand tools, etc...she created this one to be just a little more rugged and i think its gonna be great! 😘"


 Leather Bookmarks made for Joe


 John: "Lyla with Ella and Charlie!!"  (dog leashes, custom made)


  Rena: "Thank You So Much. They are beautiful, sooo comfortable. You are awesome"


  Betsy: "I still wear this barrette almost every day... from almost 20 years ago!"


Pat Mazza: "This is the most gorgeous backpack I’ve ever seen . Just received in the mail from Tracey Keating I’m officially stylish. thank you!!!!!!! I ordered it. Picked color. And it’s even better than I expected:)"


  There's Doug, proudly showing off his Awl Made Here leather backpack & computer bag.


Teresa Collins: "Hi Tracey! I talked with you in Coral Bay last week in January and mentioned a purse my daughter bought from you when you had your shop by skinny legs -- a while ago! Wanted to send you a pic. My daughter, Amber, is still enjoying the bag and says it's still one of her very favorites!"


 Who can spot James' backpack? :)

 James' backpack takes a ride!




   Susie: "...I am sooooo proud of my bag!"


  Nancy: "OMG! Totally love my purse and took it out for a drink! Thanks! You should make a fortune on these!!"


 Check out THOSE blue suede shoes!  :) 



 Jason- "My new wallet. Thanks Tracey Keating at Awl Made Here. You rock!"



  Danielle- "Christmas bag from the greatest big seester evah!!!"


  Roxanne- "Just love this bag"


  JK- "Look what...Awl Made Here made for me … leather covers for two of the most valued books on my shelf, both written by my grandfather in the 40’s. Protected, finally! Thank you, T!"



        Rob @ Rhiannons- "The (Rhiannons) checkbook cover is about 15 years old and the gig bag probably 20 years old!!!"



   Lori's bag



   Jasons chess board




Eleanor- "Me, with first backpack that you made, with English grandson at the model village, Beaconsfield, England". And, "Another photo on your lovely bags. I use my back packs all the time and the small bags when I am going out and only need to carry a purse and glasses. I love them and never buy a bag from anywhere else . Some of these are 12 years old I love your work."



  James, in Parque Nacional Bosque de Fray Jorge, Chile- "Your backpack works well as a dry bag on the fishing boats in Rapa Nui as well."



  Lauren- "England trip journal, I added the ink stamps"




Michelle- "Wanted to thank Tracey Keating for my 3rd purse that I received today in the mail, I love it !"




Kerrin- "ck out the rugged bracelet that i never take off haha    ....   still life with...pouch  ...  maybe I'll have someone else take the anklet pic since me doing it by myself just makes my feet look awkward"



      Elan- "Our amazing wedding photo album. Thank you so much, Tracey."



   Vic- "Where it had grown old...I am quietly proud" (Apron made from recycled jeans & neck ties)


   Arlene's rabbit fur pillow.





   Doug- "Blast from the past. Only fits bottles or Schaefer"  (leather coozie, above) & "Best computer bag ever" (below).



 Joyce: "your suede potholder can also be used as a trivet ... did you know this?  A couple nights ago I had to remove my pot of rice off the burner because I had forgotten about it and it was boiling over.  All the other burners had pots on them so I moved the VERY hot pot  onto the kitchen table where my suede potholder was - I left it there while I cleaned up my mess.  Five minuets later I moved the pot into the sink, lifted the potholder (holding my breath because I really like my table) and everything was fine.  No burn, no steam mark even."