Welcome to Awl Made Here

Awl Made Here, a long time leather-craft business in the US Virgin Islands has relocated to Southport, North Carolina! The islands were hit hard last year by Hurricanes Irma & Maria so work was temporarily at a stop... but not for long... Awl Made Here is up & running again and happy to be in NC!

At Awl Made Here, I work hard to make long lasting, quality leather products. Each piece is individually made to order and made to endure.  20+ years of service guarantees that these handcrafted items are tried and true

All items are completely handmade- from the first steps of pattern making, to choosing & cutting the hides, to the placement of hardware and the final stitches (all sewn on an antique sewing machine, hand-stitched, or a combination of the two). Know that most of the items you’ll see here can be made in other colors, and custom work is welcome.

Please note that US shipping is free and there are discounted rates for international destinations. Want a 10% discount on your order? Just enter Much Obliged at checkout (minimum purchase $20). **Not for use on custom orders please.

Questions or comments? Email awlmadehere@yahoo.com We will deal with each-other directly, and promptly. THANK YOU,